Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather Collection is of couse,  birds.  Primarly 2-3 inch small  gourds  transformed into a little feathered friend.  Some small birds come with  base to sit on or are sitting on "gourd branches".

Small Gourd Birds

Unless otherwise noted:
  • Items in this group are 4-5" tall.
  • Do not order more than one of each item (each one is unique!)

Small Bird Item#

Ducks, approx 2-3" tall, $5.00 Each
Item#: SMBIRD1 

Bird on a nest, 6" tall
Item#: SMBIRD2 - $8.00

Wise Owl w/grad hat & elastic band, 2-3" tall, great graduation gifts!  $8.00 Each
Item#: SMBIRD3a   (yellow)
Item#: SMBIRD3b   (brown)

Owl on a hemp twine hanger, approx 2" tall - $8.00
Item#: SMBIRD4

Bird on a clothespin (ornament)
Item#: SMBIRD5 - $10.00

Bird on a log, 2-3" tall
Item#: SMBIRD6 - $10.00

Bird on a clothespin (ornament)
Item#: SMBIRD7 - $10.00